About the Colloquium

The Asian Academy of International Law Limited (“the Academy”) is an independent and non-profit-making body set up in Hong Kong with a view to further the studies, research and development of international law in Asia. Albeit its relatively young history, the Academy has already organised a good variety of events, all of which have been very well received by local and overseas legal and business sectors as well as government and academic bodies. Amongst all events of the Academy, the most significant one is the annual Colloquium on International Law.

Last year, the Colloquium was graced with the presence of many distinguished speakers as well as supported by various esteemed bodies. On the floor, the audience was comprised mainly of prestigious scholars, legal professionals, entrepreneurs and high-ranking government officials. Riding on the success of the Colloquium of last year, the 2018 Colloquium promises to be even more engaging!